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Règles et stratégies de la Roulette

Rules of the Roulette game

This game consists of a cylinder with 37 numbers and a stack where players add their bets. A croupier and a table manager animate the game which consists of 1 to 7 players.

No more bets!

To play it is very simple you just have to put on families of numbers, several numbers or even a single number by placing your chips on the corresponding numbers indicated on the playing mat. The croupier launches the cylinder, asks “place your bets. “then throw the ball.

As soon as the croupier says “No more bets!“, it is forbidden to bet or move your chips.
The winning number is announced as soon as the ball stops.

The Chance numbers

The “Simple chances” which pay 1 time the stake:

  • The colors “black” or “red
  • Even or odd numbers
  • <<Lack>> (from 1 to 18 included)
  • <<Pass>> (from 19 to 36 included)

Other Combinations

  • Number “in full“: you touch 35 times the bet
  • 2 numbers “on horseback“: you hit 17 times the bet
  • 3 “transverse” numbers: you hit 11 times the bet
  • 4 “square” numbers: you hit 8 times the bet
  • 6 numbers “the sixain“: you hit 5 times the bet
  • Dozens: you get twice the bet
  • Columns: you hit twice the bet
Traditional Roulette wheel Sectors

Roulette Tips and Strategies

Appeared during the reign of Louis XIV and nicknamed the “Queen of casinos“, The Roulette is a game whose very random nature requires knowledge of certain technical methods to quantify the expected gains. These are different according to the roulette games and you will learn here to differentiate the French, European or American roulettes.

What is the game of roulette made of?

The roulette game consists of a board with a cylindrical object 56 cm in diameter. The latter itself has a number of 37 boxes numbered from zero to 36. Each of them except zero has a color (black or red). As an accessory, the roulette game also has one or more balls that ensure the draw.

How does it work?

It is difficult to get any simpler in terms of the rules of the game. You will have to place your chips or your plaques on the number or numbers on which you are betting. The progress of the game is supervised by one or more croupiers who are regularly replaced. During a game, several phases follow one another.

First, you are invited to bet when the dealer announces “Place your bets”. Once the announcement “The game is over“, the ball is launched. When the dealer announces “No more bets” shortly before the ball stops, you will no longer be able to place a bet.

The game of Roulette offers you different types of bets, from single (a single box bet) to multiples (several boxes). You can bet on colors as well as on even or odd numbers. However, you cannot make a zero bet. As mentioned earlier, you have the opportunity to play different variations of the game of roulette. You will find on our site all the specifics of the different variants. For example, if French and European roulettes have 37 numbers, English roulette obeys different rules just like American roulette, arguably the most popular of roulette games.

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