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Les conseils pour choisir son site de casino en ligne

Tips for choosing your online casino website

Here are some recommendations for choosing your ideal online casino:

  • First of all make sure you like the look, the design and the name of the website where you are going to create a real player account, as a player I am a bit superstitious and I need some charms which can bring me luck, the Baraka! Basically, if the casino mascot stresses you out, run away from it! It may sound irrational but this is my first tip.
  • Then, take a look at the games offer, some casinos offer a fabulous game library of slots but no Live casino, or vice versa. Others don’t have a mobile version. Basically, if your favorite games are not on the homepage or you have to search for hours, go your way again.
  • Take a look at several casino guides, this will allow you to catch the trend, if you see a casino that consistently sits in position 1 of 5-6 casino guides, this could confirm that the site is reliable.
  • Now let’s get down to business, it seems very important to me that the customer service is of good quality, whether it is to request information via the chat or on the phone, to make deposits or withdrawals, it’s always easier.
  • Always read the terms of bonus payments, so you will play with it knowingly (you often have to play a certain number of times, the amount offered before you can cash it).
  • Test casinos with small amounts to start, when you are confident that you have tested deposit, win, withdrawal on € 50 or € 100. You can play serenely!
  • About money deposits, although my credit card works perfectly well, I don’t necessarily want my banker to know about my online activities so I prefer a Neteller type account.
  • Check out Casino Guides like this regularly :)
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