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Privilege Casino is the ultimate guide to the best online casinos offering the best gaming experience whether the visitor is on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer (Mac & PC). Indeed, all the demos for the fun of slot machines and other casino games are accessible on your PC or Mac but also on your iPad, your iPhone, your Galaxy Tab … or any mobile device, no more. frustrations !!!

All the games work everywhere all the time and on all your screen formats as long as you have at least 4G.

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Discover an exceptional game library of latest generation slot machines! Find all Betsoft, Netent, Thunderkick and Yggdrasil games, Elk Studios and many more in exclusive preview.

Slot machines are available for free without registration or deposit, you can play them at will in all serenity in order to discover the mechanics of games without financial stakes.

You will be able at any time, whether you are on your desktop or on a mobile platform, to switch to real money mode by registering at one of the casinos which offers the game of your choice with a simple click on “ PLAY FOR REAL ”.

Our slot machine collection is updated daily.

Have fun !

Table & classic casino games

Are you a fan of traditional casino games? Perfect ! Because we have what you need.

More commonly called “Table Games” these games are a bit more complicated than slot machines but it is worth taking some time to learn how to play them.

Thanks to your favorite guide, you will be able to play for free and without registration free roulette and its variants as well as various free versions of card games such as blackjack and poker.

If you are a beginner this is really great because it is really the best way to understand the rules and strategies that we explain in the different sections of our guide. If you are a serious gamer, all you have to do is play for real and blow up the casino!

Privilege Casino

Finally, whether you are a seasoned casino player (land-based casino player and / or used to playing on the internet), a beginner player, or just curious (you have never bet € 1 on an online casino), our guide to casino will be your favorite site for entertainment.

It will also be an exceptional source of information and advice concerning gambling in general. Have fun whether it’s just for fun or with Small or Big Pennies.

If you haven’t already clicked on one of the free games we offer and are reading these lines, then you want to know more. We thought we would present you some notions of online casino that will allow you to see more clearly if you are a beginner, to consolidate your knowledge or to confirm it if you are a more seasoned player.

Earn money with online casino

The question that everyone asks when it comes to casino or gambling is whether making money by gambling is possible and whether we are talking about a legend or a reality.

So we will try to answer them.

The subject is much more complex than it seems and it also depends on your attitude towards the game and towards the winnings. What gains are we talking about? 20 €? 100 €? 100,000 €?

To answer this question, we will take 3 totally different player profiles as an example and we will analyze their behavior together.

Vincent D.

35 years – Single

Average salary, large leisure budget, no addiction, fan of thrills, knowledge of card games such as blackjack.

Laura H.

55 years – Maried

High income, very large leisure budget, fan of slot machines.

Michaël C.

25 years – Engaged

Low salary, low leisure budget, tendency to addiction to gambling, he always wants to “recover”.

Imagine that each of these 3 players walk into a casino with € 100.

Vincent will move towards traditional games, roulette or black-jack, the starting bets are higher than in slot machines but the chances of winning, especially if you master the rules and some martingales, are higher than the slots.

Laura, goes directly to the slot machine room, she starts up on a machine that attracts her and seems to bring good luck to her, it’s an Egyptian-themed game, let’s also note that it’s a progressive jackpot. The stakes vary from 10 cents to 1 euros, her gambling unit is 10 cents with her 100 euros, she has plenty to do.

Michaël hesitates between roulette (he has learned a trick to win every time) and the latest 3D slot machines where gold coins spring from the screen. He will finally try his luck at roulette.

Vincent sits down at the blackjack table with his favorite Martini on the Rocks, he relaxes and starts a € 10 game which looks good, since he beats the bank with a blackjack.
He stays at the table for a good hour and manages to increase his bankroll to € 450. He decides to leave the table and leaves the casino. He therefore won € 350.
He had a great time playing and thinks he’ll be back next month.

So here we have a winner, he beat the bank and walked away with a nice gain of € 350.

Now let’s take a look at Laura, our slot machine fan, she plays for about 90 minutes, and loses her starting 100 euros. She managed to raise her bank to 500 euros to finally lose everything again, she had a great time, she had fun like “crazy” to use her words. She decides to take out her credit card to be able to save € 50. By playing another hour, she manages to go up to 150 € to finally be reasonable and cash 100 €.
In the end, she will have spent her evening having fun for 50 €, she has indeed lost 50 € in the end on all the money intended for the bet.

We have there, a loser at 50 € but happy with a feeling of “consumption” and not of loss or scam.

Let’s approach the young player Michaël, more impulsive and less experienced.
He tries a martingale read on the internet which consists of always doubling on the opposite color or something like that, he is no longer very sure.
It starts with bets of € 5, ie the possibility of making a maximum of 20 bets. He plays on the colors – Black or Red.
He bets 3 times in a row on Red and each time it is Black who comes out knowing that he systematically doubles on the opposite color when he loses, the bets go up quickly as well as his annoyance.

When he only has 35 € left, he begins to lose confidence in his miracle method and panics by betting these last 35 € on Black instead of Red … Luckily, he goes back to 70 € and he says to himself QUITTE. OR DOUBLE. He bets € 70 in a single bet on Red …. Black comes out … He has lost his € 100.
He decides to withdraw € 150 knowing that it is at the end of the month and that he has € 100 left in his bank account before receiving his pay.
It is therefore in the red, it is the case to say it for Playing roulette !!! His annoyance and dismay increases when 20 minutes later, it’s 150 € have disappeared with one last, nothing is right. He wants to replay, he wants to “remake himself”. He is sure that this time around he will win.
He goes back to the cash machines, his card doesn’t want to know anything, he can’t draw any more money. Luckily, he crosses paths with Vincent and asks him to lend him 100 €. What Vincent refuses him.

As an online casino player, the takeaway from this story is that gambling should be fun, it is possible to make money at the casino, but it is also possible to to lose some, one only gambles the money which one would use for these leisures.

To maximize your chances of winning at the online casino, it can become very interesting to become a VIP PLAYER. (VIP for Very Important Player), once you find the online casino site that you are most comfortable with, the more loyal you will be to it, the more the online casino will thank you. . This recognition will be seen in the increase of your Bonuses, private invitations, physical gifts …

Enjoy your online casino guide and don’t hesitate to present it to your friends.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the online casino

🍒 Are online casinos reliable?

The online casinos selected in our TOP5 are tested regularly and if they are on our casino guide it is because they are reliable. At the slightest sign of failure, casinos are downgraded and removed from our ranking.

💎 How should I dress to play at an online casino?

Well, this is all the advantage of playing online that we are highlighting with this somewhat eccentric question! Come as you are :) In shorts, pajamas, underwear, naked or in a tuxedo !!!

🎰 Can we play slot machines on smartphones and tablets?

PRIVILEGE CASINO is 100% responsive and its entire catalog of free slot machines is accessible and playable on your mobile phone (iphone ...) as well as on your tablet (ipad, ipad pro, galaxy tab ...) without downloading d 'application.

🍉 Can we play casino games for free?

Our casino guide allows you to play all casino games in free mode (play money or demo) to you roulette, blackjack and slots 100% free.

🍓 How to play for real with real money at an online casino?

Nothing could be simpler, consult a casino guide like Privilege Casino, which ranks the best casinos of the moment. Make your choice then locate the registration button. After completing the registration form, you will be able to credit your player account with a multitude of payment options. You will be able to deposit with major credit cards as well as a variety of online payment options, such as PayPal, NETeller, FirePay, Click2Pay and other reloadable cards available at your tobacconist or supermarket.

🔔 What is the minimum amount to start playing at an online casino?

Usually a deposit of € 20 is enough to create an account and start having fun at an online casino knowing that most of the time, the casino will offer you a welcome bonus that will double or triple your "Gambling Power".

🍇 Which game has the most chances of winning?

In terms of pure statistics, table games have a greater chance of winning, especially blackjack, but it is also more technical than a slot machine.
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